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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! If you’re searching for the best collection of Medieval and Renaissance clothing, costumes and full array of accessories, look no further! Whether gearing up for a fair, festival or special event Renaissance Model will fulfill you every authentic clothing desire. Each richly designed medieval and renaissance costume found on our site are durable and long-lasting garments meant that will last you through the ages.

If you are new to realm of medieval costume and renaissance clothing or a seasoned pro, Renaissance Model has a variety of medieval and renaissance dresses, gowns, cloaks, corsets, boots, bags and jewelry to accommodate your societal desires. If you don’t know where to start or are looking for something new, look bellow for our crash course:

What Did People Wear?

During the medieval period clothing provided a way to distinguish the seven different social classes during the 11th and 15th centuries. Unfortunately, only the wealthy could afford the grand and highly fashionable ornate garments of the time period but most fashion was still influenced by classical Greece and Rome. Medieval dresses were long and elegantly cinched at the waste or fitted with emphasis to the details on the sleeves. Peasant woman would wear layered tunics, mostly referred to as “kirtles.” Men’s medieval clothing consisted of loose fitting tunics, cloaks and hose. Depending on social status, their clothing would be tighter are more ornate the higher status however one thing they all had in common was the use of boots.

A good pair of shoes or boots during the medieval period was essential during every day life no matter your social status. Boots were made simple and to be highly functional for walking, riding, hunting or overseeing your kingdom. As a side note, nothing says ‘authentic’ like taking the time to find the right boots for you costume!

As we proceed into the realm of renaissance clothing we shift towards an excessive appearance. Characteristics of the time period were voluptuous and heavy materials usually consisting of rich velvets with gold and burgundy details. The dresses were close to the body with large sleeves and usually accompanied by some sort of headdress. The same societal standards of dress continued to stay in place during this time period regarding high fashion resided with the nobles, but peasants indulged in the excessive appearance of clothing to the extent they could. Peasant men’s clothing of the renaissance was simple loosing fitting pants and top while the nobility embraced puffy shirts, decorative hose and codpieces.

Now that you are fully prepared to start your quest or crusade for the best medieval and renaissance clothing let us tell you what Renaissance Model has to offer!

My Lady

Our women’s collection of medieval dresses and renaissance clothing contains a variety of materials, colors and cuts for a variety of body types. Renaissance Model provides a large selection of dresses and gowns, bodices, skirts and accessories for both time periods. We are your only destination to find all you’re looking for to complete the most authentic and beautiful costume. One of top sellers is our elegant and empowering “Lady Hunter” dress, perfect for any fair or event. This dress is made from 100% natural cotton with quality trim and belt while providing an amazing authentic structure. And if you’re still searching for a more eye-catching and dramatic look, Renaissance Model has an accompanying “Lady Hunter Bodice” made of natural red flax linen and trim.

What outfit wouldn’t be complete without the proper footwear? Renaissance Model has a large variety of medieval boots, pirate boots, renaissance shoes, mary janes, and flats. Not to mention our wide array of capes and cloaks for your mysterious late night ventures or rituals. Our Celtic Medieval Ritual Cloak with hood is handmade of 100% cotton and fastened by laces. Available in 14 different colors, it’s sure to fulfill your desire. If you’re looking for additional ways to draw the attention of your coven or persuade the eye of a lover, take a look at our plentiful accents for your clothing. No matter which dress or costume you choose, we have a multitude of leather belts to fit your specific period. Also, what lady doesn’t have a bag or satchel for supplies? Our renaissance handbags are made of high quality embroiled flower pattern taffeta and decorated with laces. Since these bags come in a variety of colors you can match it to any of our dresses.


Men – do you feel like King Henry the VIII but resemble the town fool? Our collection of medieval, renaissance and specifically Tudor inspired clothing can surely land you a sultry affair or new wife like our dear King Henry. For example, our stunning Black Velvet Tudor Doublet is made of padded black velvet cotton and accented with antiqued silver trim. To complete the costume, and ensure those around you know your importance, Renaissance Model has a selection of chains denoting office. However, perhaps you are searching for the anti-nobility. Well look no further than our Bowman Tunic. A clothing staple of medieval England, this tunic will make you feel like your Robin of Loxley. To complete the costume is a pair of great multifunction medieval “forest” boots. Comfortable and authentic, these are great for all our forest frolicking adventures! Of course, not men enjoy being King Henry or Robin Hood; Renaissance Model offers a wide array of tunics from different geographical locations or royal courts.


Speaking of King Henry’s multiple wives, Renaissance Model has a breath-taking array of wedding dresses for the bride-to-be. During the Renaissance wedding gowns were meant to be your very best dress. Your special day deserves a dress equally as unique and beautiful as you. Let Renaissance Model assist you in finding the best medieval wedding dress and veil for your storybook wedding; where you’ll keep your head for years to come! Our Renaissance Wedding Gown & Weil is a stunning white gown layered in polyester satin and decorated with hand made flowers with white artificial pearl accents. Gorgeous floral lace finished off this period dress along with a 60” matching veil and white and gold beaded belt. Our tiara crowns are excellent choices to accent your gown. Walk down the aisle to your beloved in a stunning collection of Renaissance Model bridal collection.


Where be my mini me? Children during the renaissance and medieval time period were treated, spoken to and dressed like adults at a very young age. At Renaissance Model we have the clothing to dress them appropriately for the time period. Young lads would stay home until 7 and then sent to work or wait until an apprenticeship until they were 14 years old. Until they were on their own, they dressed like a man. Young boys were fitted in loose fitting pants and a shirt depicting status. At Renaissance Model, we can provide your little one with the look of a young crusader, a knight, a musketeer, a wizard or traditional tunic.

What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess? Indulge her dreams with our collection of elaborated one-piece gowns made from high quality velvet or Celtic cotton robes. Our jewels and crowns are not only available for adults but have sizes to accompany their medieval and renaissance costumes as well. We have an abundant amount of medieval costumes and renaissances dresses for your young lady.


Going to be romping through the forests on a hunt or frolicking around a festival? My fair ladies, gents and children, you are going to need comfortable footwear. The most difficult part of completing a costume is the footwear, because it is the essential detail in creating an authentic looking renaissance or medieval costume. Our Low Boots Without Fridge is excellent for your period rendezvous, frontier outfits or just modern day comfort. They are cut from excellent glove-tanned leathers and have an all suede finish. Our top selling ladies Goddess shoe is devilishly comfortable. You might even think its magic. Feel like a goddess with some of the finest quality cow leather and super soft leather insole with padding. Fret not, the sole is extremely durable and will last numerous dances and woodland walks. Offered in a variety of color, the goddess shoe will match any period and dress costume.

However if you feel the need to scream “there she blows” or “hard to starboard” then we have the perfect pirate boot for your seafaring adventures. Whether you’re looking to dress like Captain Morgan, a wench or Captain Jack Sparrow, we have every style to make sure you look authentic while drinking, eating and pillaging. Renaissance Models pirate boots come in authentic leather or faux leather with ornate trimmed accents and sturdy, comfortable soles. The great caveat about purchasing boots from Renaissance Models is you can wear them for your costume or with your regular day modern clothing; unless you dress like a pirate every day!

Jewels, Belts and Hats, Oh My!

During the medieval and renaissance period men and women covered their heads with beautiful hats. From completing your Captain Jack costume with a Tricorn Hat or emphasizing the Tudor style with a Floppy Hat or French Hood, our selection is top notch.

What gent wearing a tunic feels fully dressed without a belt? Our top selling Ring belt is suitable for pirate, noble, bread maker or woman. The belt is handmade and dyed so it will never bleed due onto your garments. Made of 8-ounce leather and 70 inches long it is a suitable match for any purchase from Renaissance Model. We also have complimentary belts for any gypsy consume or sashes for your pirates.

All that glitters does not fade my dear! Dripping jewelry and ornate crowns were staples of nobility during the medieval and renaissance period. The Onyx Chaos Pendant is an excellent combination of shimmering metallic that accents any color clothing. Or accent your wrist with our handmade brass bracelet, an amazing design for a princess or noble.

Go Forth and Be Merry!

Take a moment to explore all the numerous offerings and areas of our humble clothing and costume village. We are readily available to answer any of your question via our Contact page or toll free number. Please remember to check our site frequently as we update our New page for brand new additions to our medieval and renaissance clothing. We hope to serve all your medieval and renaissance clothing and costume needs now and in the future. Be well!