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History and Rules of LARP


Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/82705783@N00/180901183

LARP is known as Live Action Role Play. It is a game where characters are involved, acting out their fantasies. Every character has a chance to create their distinct personality. The person’s role, of course, is imaginary. Each group of characters has to follow their own set of rules, dress in their selected costumes and focus on their character’s activity and the genre. LARP can be played as a campaign or just a game. The duration of the game could be hours or even days. The campaign can last for several months. LARP’s vary in size as it pertains to the number of players and the game’s duration. The game consists of the rules, the LARP world and the individuals involved. The Game Master is responsible for creating the make-believe world, the culture, myths, rules and its history.

LARP History

In the late 70s, this role playing game was created by several groups of individuals who initiated an environment for characters to experience the art of role playing firsthand. The game’s popularity has spanned the globe, played in countries like Europe, North America, Australia and Russia. In these countries and in other countries, the game has expanded to include thousands of particpants. There are many books published about LARP and many products sold in the LARP industry, which includes equipment, costumes and weapons.

Role Playing

As mentioned before, the role players assume different characters within a story setting. When an individual assumes a character, the person will take on the habit, actions and speech of the distinct character.

The Rules of the Game

There are specific rules that characters must adhere to. The rules define the character’s abilities to act the part. The individual must obey the Game Master who makes all the necessary rules, creates the settings and the scenarios .In fact, the Game Master is the one who decides how a character is created. Involved in the decisions of the game is also a plot committee to assist the Game Master. There are also non-players that provide assistance to those playing the game. They are called NPCs. The actual players are called PCs.

LARP Settings

The setting depends on the story line. For example, the espionage setting is motivated by spy fiction. The game doesn’t include physical combat or real weapons to hurt anyone or to attract law enforcement authorities. There is a fantasy genre in LARP and the setting represents the historical era with characters dressing in the appropriate costumes. There are also settings to depict horror movies and mystery movies. Most game weapons are made from latex material.


That is the gist of what LARP consists of. The game is just for fun with characters fulfilling their innate fantasies in a make-believe world.

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