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The Real Meaning of LARP


Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nicoyogui/2567173044/

Live action role play or LARP as it is also called has received a lot of popularity lately among Renaissance enthusiasts and others. Some people oftentimes think of this process as larping. Now what is all this hoopla about larping? It is not easy to think of the specific definition for LARP or the game of larping because it is so multi-dimensional. If you were to consider a simple definition, you could say it is a game where people role play various characters that they choose. These individuals act out each of their characters as if in real life, but it is just depicts a fantasy world that they want to experience. For a more in-depth explanation, larping is more than just a game. There is so much that goes into this event or phenomenon, if you will. Let’s see if we can break it down some more.


This event is for people who come together to participate in an event that allows them to impersonate their role models or characters. It is a collaborative effort to create role playing at a serious level where participants think of it as much more than playing.

The Participants

For participants who engage in a larping battle production, there has to be much collaboration to compete. The assigned tasks have to be completed to get the desired results. Most of the beginning work for a larp-er is personalized where the person acts out his/her character. Most of the production is geared towards a single community while building an amazing space to engage the characters to work together. There are rules in the game to keep the integrity of the game and the group.

Outside of Larping

People outside of larping don’t understand this concept. However, the larp-ers involved do. They look forward to forming strong relationships and communities at every event. They are like family and are able to discuss the cool things that their characters demonstrated in a specific game. At each event, participants are able to make new friends and maintain old ones.


Live action role play is like pretending to be someone that you are really not in real life. You get a chance to assume or imagine that you are a specific character, which is pretty cool for many players who use larping to get away from their reality. This may sound crazy to some people, but it is natural for those who use it to help them to cope with everyday life. It is their way to escape from their reality and who are you to judge, right?

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