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Surviving A Renaissance Fair – The First Time Around


Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jimpurcell/7116986467/

The first thing you should know before attending a Renaissance fair is not to be fearful about wearing a renaissance costume. Of course, when you are a first-timer at one of these festivals, you will see other people in their furry or leather outfits; some with renaissance swords in hand and other add-ons. It is a weekend of chivalry and showcasing of the medieval times.

Regular Attendees

People who regularly attend renaissance festivals usually dress up in medieval costumes and become various characters such as pirates, barbarians, fairies and queens; among others. For those people, this is heaven-sent, something they have been waiting for. You can join the festivities too, but you have to be open to the idea of exploring.

A Weekend of Fun

Most renaissance festivals go throughout the weekend, from Friday to Sunday. Every day, there is something to do. You can attend a day show paying about $30 bucks and getting a three day pass. If you don’t want to stay all weekend, you can buy one day show ticket. Kids are usually welcomed.

The Drama

If you don’t have any experience with intricate drama, which renaissance festivals offer, you don’t have to feel bad. Just concentrate on the basics to make it simple for yourself. You should understand, though, that a renaissance festival is mainly to recreate the medieval period by wearing the same costumes, listening to similar music and participating in some of the same activities such as jousting tournaments and parades.

The History

During the festival, you will be introduced to imaginary history of the renaissance period. The participants bring the sixth century to life with an Elizabethan theme, which many enjoy. Most of the participants are members of various guilds, which are groups that try to maintain the accuracy of the renaissance history. Every guild has a guild master who does everything possible to keep the characters true to their history, taking it quite seriously and ensuring historic accuracy. And this includes the way renaissance costumes are constructed and worn.

Guild Camps

When you get to the renaissance fair, be sure to visit the guild camps. There you will get a closer look at the costumes, accessories and weapons. You will be informed of the exact medieval period that the guild is representing. Many people don’t know that they are allowed to visit the guild camps.


It would be ideal if you could wear your own renaissance costume in unison with the other passionate and enthusiastic participants. If you don’t wish to participate, at least make an attempt to interact with the characters. Renaissance fairs are family friendly and so don’t leave the children behind. 

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