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What you wore during the medieval period depends on your class in the society. If you were in a noble class you would own a variety of the latest styles and colours of medieval clothing, from silk robes to damask gowns. If you were a peasant, the only choice you had as clothing was to [...]

Women in the medieval ages are more often than not seen with outlandish hats as part of their medieval clothing. Nonetheless, it can be observed that men were also sporting various hats as part of their medieval look. Close-fitting cap is the simplest among the types of medieval hats that can form part of a [...]

You might be having second thoughts on wearing a veil as part of your medieval costume. But guess what? You could actually wear a veil with your medieval dress and look stunning and charming! It is important however to keep in mind that a veil should be perfectly seated above your head. Accessorizing it with [...]

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