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A Trip Back to the Renaissance Period in Costume


Image credit:https://www.flickr.com/photos/72213316@N00/14685193219/

Do you need a time machine to take a trip backwards into the medieval era? It is not possible to go back physically, but with renaissance clothes and attending one of the many festivals each year, you certainly can. Reliving the renaissance period is an immediate possibility; if you are willing to assume a different character other than yourself, as well as dress up in the appropriate clothing and play the role of a king, queen, elf or even an innocent weapon-wielding individual.

Renaissance People

People that lived during the medieval period wore elaborate clothing, so be prepared to do likewise. Let’s say that you were going to plan a wedding or party using the renaissance theme, how would you go about preparing for it? Of course, you would definitely dress elaborately, exemplifying the very spirit of the renaissance era. What if you didn’t have any ideas of how to get the right clothing? Glad you asked! Read on.

Become Royalty

Every bride thinks that she is a queen so why not look for a queen costume for your wedding or party? It is a fun way to dress up and feel like royalty, It doesn’t matter if you have the ideal hour-glass shape or a plus sized girl. You can find a costume that suits your size and shape and wear it to fit your style and personal taste.

The Party

When you go to a renaissance party, you want to feel good about your attire and look your best, whether you are a man or woman. You can recreate a unique medieval character and be noticed in the crowd. For men, dressing as a knight or other legendary character like Robin Hood is a symbol of royalty.

The Costume

Of course, your medieval costume shouldn’t lack the right accessories. Whether you choose to dress as a queen or wench, you should pair the costume with accessories that match. You could add wigs, hats, bracelets, rings or stockings to finish off your ensemble.

The Choice

If you are interested in creating a wedding gown for your renaissance wedding theme, you could pull it off by choosing a design that is not only elegant, but stylish. You could consider having variations of necklines, colors, necklines and designs. It could be an A-Line skirt or you could go for ruffles, which is representative of the renaissance period.


How could you not love the idea of paying homage to the renaissance period? It is a history that cannot be forgotten. You can include the details of this era into every aspect of your life. 

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