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In today’s modern world, nobody would have grown up without ever owning a pair of the blue jeans. Pair up your blue jeans with a designer blouse for the glamorous look or with a t-shirt for an everyday get-up. In the medieval times, they also have this stable, basic get-up which they could either dress [...]

What you wore during the medieval period depends on your class in the society. If you were in a noble class you would own a variety of the latest styles and colours of medieval clothing, from silk robes to damask gowns. If you were a peasant, the only choice you had as clothing was to [...]

The social strata played an immense role in the trend of fashion and on the medieval clothing’s history in general. The medieval clothes worn long time ago dictated the social status of an individual for only the wealthy people and the prominent ones were entitled to wear the most fancy, expensive and colorful medieval clothing [...]

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