When the Renaissance Festival Arrives in Town


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Have you gone to a renaissance fair in your local area or in another state? How was it? Were you dressed as your favorite character? What kind of renaissance costume did you wear? If you did not yet have the renaissance fair experience, it may be time you do. In 1963, one of the first renaissance festivals in the United States took place in the state of California. Did you know that? Well, if you didn’t, you do now. Phyllis Patterson was a schoolteacher and she wanted to teach her students about renaissance history, especially about the 16th century English village of medieval times. From then, the event grew to a spectacle and became entertaining for many attendees. In many cases, people would re-enact their favorite characters during the renaissance fair.

The Current Events

Currently, renaissance events are usually held during the weekends. People come from far and wide to participate. Some of these renaissance venues have turned into theme parks permanently. People enjoy the popularity because of its uniqueness and the exhilarating experience that attendees have come to appreciate. Most of the attendees are encouraged to wear their special renaissance costumes and stay in character for the full duration of the fair.

The Attraction

Due to the wide range of entertainment and attractions, more people are attracted to the Renaissance festivals. When it arrives in town, the festival becomes a huge display. It engages the entire family and also has curiosity seekers trying to understand what all the hoopla is about. The curiosity seekers will eventually become sold on the idea that it is best to participate instead of being a bystander. There is just too much fun involved. The renaissance festival has no gender or age limit. It is good for everyone in the family, no matter what the age.

What to Expect?

At the renaissance fair, you can expect to see people dressed up in renaissance costumes. You may see people performing in character on stage in live action role play. Of course, you will always have vendors selling food and drinks. You can even become a vendor, if you are interested. Most of the vendors are dressed in authentic costumes. Most likely, there will be games that you can play such as axe throwing and archery. Music and dancing is part of the entertainment with songs and dance symbolizing the medieval times. To enhance your experience, you can enjoy watching the talent of the juggler and the magician.


Many of the renaissance festivals will carry out a ritual at the end, possibly a concert or even parade. You will never be bored at the renaissance fair. You will want to attend the next time that comes to town. 

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