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A Look into Renaissance Festivals


Image credit:https://www.flickr.com/photos/jordan_confino/9791759076/

Renaissance Festivals take place all over the country. In October, one such festival takes place in North Carolina with almost 180,000 people in attendance, some participating directly in amazing costumes and some indirectly as onlookers. The event is medieval-style and goes throughout the weekend, Saturday and Sunday to be exact. The atmosphere is lively, unique and fun. There are also artisan vendors in attendance, the count of which doubles every year. You will also find entertainers involved and this count has also grown substantially each year.

The Vendors

The Renaissance vendors display a wide range of handmade crafts and foods and beverages. You will find foods from different cultures. You can do the taste test by stopping by each booth as you meander through the crowd. The prices are affordable and within means.

Engaging Costumed Characters

You will see about 500 characters in costumes. You can interact with them and help to make your imagination run wild. Engage in conversation with royalty, peasants, wenches, elves and fairies. Characters are always wandering around the grounds. Each year, at some of these festivals, you will find several newly introduced personalities and characters. Different stages are created to accommodate comedy plays, dance and live music.

You will have so much space to walk around to view exhibits, vendors, and other attractions such as:

  • Petting Zoo
  • Dungeon Tours
  • Rides
  • Rotten Tomato Throwing
  • Rocking Horse

The Enjoyment

You will enjoy a wide variety of novelty vendors, games and other entertainment. You will definitely feel good in the setting of pretend villages and carefree energy. In fact, you will escape from the complication of modern life to the fun nature of the medieval times. The experience of the village will force you to come back each year. It will feel so real that you think that you are living out more than just a dream.


The location is so important to the success of a Renaissance festival, especially if it takes place in a folk music community or one that specializes in crafts. If it has a countryside outdoor appeal, then more people will come.

Choose a Character

The Renaissance festival will be a success when the people in attendance have a different experience than their current lives, stepping outside of themselves to pretend. It is a stress free way to indulge. You will have the opportunity to participate in live role play productions. All you need is a costume and the willingness to assume a character. The audience will cheer you on in appreciation of your talent and courage. 

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