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Focus on Renaissance Clothing in Ancient Times


Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wigwam/3935287385/

During the Tudor era, which was about 1485 to 1603, the English became an integral part of the medieval era. Many Renaissance enthusiasts today take their medieval fashion from that era. During that period, however, the tendency was to dress like that for court or other influential political event. Today, some Renaissance festival attendees take their fashion trends from the English, but maybe like fashion in England 15 years ago. So, it can be safely said that the Renaissance community has a wide range of fashion trends in their festivals each year.

The Germans

During the start of the sixteenth century, for example, there was a strong influence in the German community as it related to fashion - with flashes of bright colors and decorative apparel. The most commonly used materials were satin, gold and velvet. Red seemed to also be a very popular and distinct hue, even though, it was mostly worn by royalty or nobility at large.

The Tudor Era

When Mary Tudor got married to the King of Spain, Phillip in 1554, it was obvious that fashion had seen an immediate change. Clothes that people wore were now flamboyant and brightly colored. Then, the dress styles were more form fitting, tight and mostly black in color. The Tudor era was a great influence on Renaissance apparel and this continued through the sixteenth century. This could be seen in several types of clothing, which included:

  • Fluffy sleeves
  • Farthingale
  • Padding
  • Smaller waist lines
  • Bodices
  • Underskirts
  • Collars
  • Robes

No longer were people wearing big clothes and clothing that flowed to the ground. The type of clothing worn was now stiff and rigid, giving the wearer a proud look. The rich, of course, could afford wearing the best. This has no bearing today on what the Renaissance enthusiast chose to put on. It is like night and day, considering the different eras and huge changes since. During those ancient times, the poor still had to be thrifty, wearing simple clothing made with coarse linen or wool. Today, the renaissance clothing does not dictate poor or rich. Anyone can wear what they want.

Our Era

Today, people who attend the Renaissance fairs try to emulate the wealthier members of the Tudor society, wearing elaborately decorated and handcrafted clothing. They choose fabrics that are rich in finish, comparing themselves to kings, queens, knights and men and women of stature. Interestingly, the Renaissance clothing of today requires less financial investment. Most of the clothing can be bought new or used. You can mix and match your outfits. So, get your ensemble today for your next Renaissance fair. 

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