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Clothing Worn in the Middle Ages


Image credit:https://www.flickr.com/photos/darrellrhodesmiller/10770806375

In the Middle ages, most of the people dressed in woolen clothes. Their undergarments were usually constructed of linen. Medieval hats such as turbans, coif and capes were made with more improved materials and brighter colors. People who celebrate medieval times during the attendance of Renaissance festivals will usually imitate most of these attires. They wear clothing comparable to wealthy and aristocrat merchants with their elaborate fashion.

Ending of Medieval Times

Close to the end of the medieval times, wealthy men wore long jackets, often with pleats. You could also see some of them in tunics with their surcoats. Women would wear fashionable headwear and flowing gowns. Their headwear came in a variety of shapes and sizes such as butterflies, steeples, turbans and hearts.

The Religious

Many of those in religion donned long habits made with wool, emulating Roman apparel. You could tell the order of religion by color. Cistercians wore undyed or white wool. You would see the Benedicts in black. The monks were permitted to wear coifs made of linen, but only to keep their cranium warm. To keep their feet warm by wearing woolen socks, the Franciscan nuns petitioned the Pope for permission.

Peasant Clothes

The men who were peasants could be found wearing tunics and stockings. The peasant women could be seen in long gowns with tunics that were without sleeves. They would also adorn the hair with wimples. During the winter months, you would find the people wearing sheepskin cloaks, mittens and woolen hats to protect themselves from the rain and cold. Their leather boots would be covered with patens made of wood in order to keep the feet in a dry state. The outer garments were never usually laundered, but they would always wash linen underwear on a regular basis. The peasant women would spin wool into threads, which were subsequently woven into cloth to make their clothing.

Fur and Ornaments

Residents during Medieval times would used fur to line their clothing. This was especially true, though, of those who were wealthy. Jewelry and ornaments was a lavish thing. Most of these were imported and used by the wealthy to secure loans. It wasn’t until the 15th century that gems were cut. Therefore, during the ‘Middle Ages,’ stones were not as lustrous as they are today. The popularity of diamonds wasn’t known until the 14th century in Europe. Laws came into existence in the mid-fourteenth century as to which individuals were allowed to wear various types of jewelry. For example, knights could not wear rings. Only the affluent wore clothes embellished with silver. 

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