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Experiencing the Renaissance Festival


Image credit: http://www.freestockphotos.biz/stockphoto/14105

When Jill walked through the wide gates of the Renaissance festival, she noticed that most of the participants were dressed in Renaissance costumes. They committed to the character by dressing like they did in medieval times. It was an awesome sight to see, Jill thought. Even though, it was cold outside and Jill and her friends wore hats and jackets, women were dressed in skirts and corsets in fifty degree weather. One distinct thing Jill noticed, though, is that there was so much attention to detail when it came to the renaissance clothing worn that day. Many of the renaissance men walked around with rubber swords, fluffy white shirts, tight black pants and hats. The renaissance women showed off their cleavage as women did in the medieval era.

Live Action Role Play

The first stop that Jill and her friends made was at the beer cart where they ordered drinks that were not as sixteenth century as the people were. The group stopped to look at the live action role play where characters were holding their own and showing off their talents. There were men playing the role of knights while women played the role of queen.

From there, the group was entertained by a stand-up comedy show where two nuns and a juggler switched roles as people passed by. Jill found herself laughing, more than she had every done before.

Dressing Up

Jill thought it would be a nice chance to dress up like a middle aged woman in long flowing skirt and tight corset to show off her cleavage, but she succumbed to her traditional and conservative approach to dressing and never bothered to bring the thought to action.

Safe Armored Jousting

Jill was caught by surprise that there were war horses in the renaissance fair. She turned nervously as the crowd quieted to see what would happen next. There was a sense that a collision was about to take place. As the knights sat on their horses, each of them has a lance in hand, leveling it towards the opponents positioned across the field. Jill thought how hot their armors must be and how restricted their views obviously were in those thick helmets. The only way that those riders could sense where they were - amidst the heavy armor scoop was the feel of the big horse between their legs. They waited for the opponent to make the first move to lunge across the field with adrenalin rushing speed.


Jill held her breath and waited too until she could not longer handle the mystery and obvious tension in the air. She moved right along to the vending display, hoping to hear the crowd cheering in the background. 

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