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A Look at the Renaissance Birthplace


mage credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/animakitty/2897074003/

Tuscany is known as the Renaissance birthplace. In fact, it is a popular hub for rich Renaissance culture. It is not easy to refuse to give in to the urge you will feel to go on a tour of the Italian expanse, particularly with emphasis on the known attractions that symbolize the influence of the Renaissance period and what it stands for.

The Area

The area boasts a wide range of Renaissance art pieces that are kept in popular Italian museums. Many of these art pieces were inspired by spectacular landscapes and architectural amazements in Tuscan villages across the area. Due to all of this, Tuscany remains a highlight for millions of tourists from all over the world, regular visited every year.

Pinacoteca Nazionale

Siena is an influential home to the Pinacoteca Nazionale, shaping the Renaissance period with its rich visual artwork and sciences. Most of the artwork comes from the late medieval times. Even smaller towns have become displays for the architectural exquisiteness of the area. Sienese paintings grace the art gallery at the Pinacoteca Nazionale, some dating back to as far as the fourteenth and fifteen centuries.

Palazzo Pitti

The Renaissance remains a cultural movement and true novelty of all times. This became an observable fact at the end of an era and the beginning of another. This is proven in the area’s architecture, art, science and literature. There are many historical tourist attractions that have become the conduit to taking visitors back into history. The Palazzo Pitti in the city of Florence, Italy is one such attraction, exemplifying the extent of the Renaissance birthplace. It is one of the largest museums in the region’s city, dating back to the year 1458. The building houses a large collection of artwork, Renaissance paintings and jewelry in its main art gallery.

Pazzi Chapel

Florence is known for its artwork, architecture and literature, but the Renaissance movement has spread there to include the Pazzi Chapel. This prime location boasts the features of Renaissance architecture in more ways than one. For example, if you were to enter Tuscan villas and homes, you would understand this phenomenon. You would feel as if you are experiencing the Renaissance rebirth.


If you are one of those Renaissance enthusiasts, a trip to any of these regions and to these established staples in the cities; you would get the feel of the past and come away feeling nostalgic. You would have a renewed passion for medieval times and all it has to offer to modern day people like you. 

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