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In today’s modern world, nobody would have grown up without ever owning a pair of the blue jeans. Pair up your blue jeans with a designer blouse for the glamorous look or with a t-shirt for an everyday get-up. In the medieval times, they also have this stable, basic get-up which they could either dress [...]

What you wore during the medieval period depends on your class in the society. If you were in a noble class you would own a variety of the latest styles and colours of medieval clothing, from silk robes to damask gowns. If you were a peasant, the only choice you had as clothing was to [...]

The Medieval Period or the Middle ages is the period of the European history from 5th to 15th century. A number of remarkable events happened and led to great and many contributions to our modern history. It was an era of arts, music, religion, and politics. It was a tough period for an average person [...]

“Avast Ye!” one of the famous pirate lines of all times. And it simply means, “Stop and pay attention” like, “Get a load of this.” And at this very moment that is exactly what I want to tell you. This is for all the gals out there who know they aren’t just for the kitchen, [...]

Nowadays, because of its popularity, medieval clothing is more than just old clothing. These in itself are considered a significant part of history. The usual buyers of medieval clothing are the ones who feel they still have the connection to the past or wish to reconnect with the medieval era. They like to re-enact history [...]

The Middle Ages is considered as one of the most religious periods throughout the history of mankind. The Catholic Church was the most significant institution back then. In truth, it was the only church in Europe. It had its own set of laws and had huge coffers. It was also highly likely that everybody was [...]

Medieval Entertainment

July 6th, 2010

Entertainment plays a vital role in every society and whatever era one may belong to. This was also true during the medieval period. Entertainment and celebrations were so popular regardless of the reasons for celebrating these. The types of medieval entertainment are the following: Feasts – a large, prepared meal usually for many persons Banquets [...]

It is amazing how music has evolved over time. Today, music is prevalent from any sector of our society. Nonetheless, it is interesting to note that the spread of Christianity during the early Medieval Period was a great factor in the growth of popularity of the hymns and secular songs. During the early middle ages, [...]

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